VPRO-E NEWS: Gangnam Style Becomes The Most Watched Youtube Video Of All Time In Just Three Months

I’m sure many of you are now familiar with Park Jae-sang’s (better known as PSY) Viral video GANGNAM STYLE. For those who aren’t, watch the video after the cut.
A couple of weeks ago I did a story on the most viewed videos of all time, and Gangnam style was 2nd only to Justin Biebers “Baby” video, released two years ago.
As at today, 24th of November 2012, Gangnam Style after just 4 months is the most watched YouTube video of all time with a staggering 808,494,180 views, pushing Justin Bierbers “Baby “to second place with 803,659,316 views.
Gangnam style was sang mainly in Korean, yet the whole world has accepted it with open hands, further proving the universality of music, regardless of language.
Psy is now signed to Scooter Brown’s record label. Scooter Brown is Justin Berber’s manager, who got fascinated with the video after someone sent him the link, few weeks after the video was released and had just a little over 2 million views. Search for it on YouTube and enjoy.

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