VPRO-E NEWS: Ghanaian Movies Are Better Than Nigerian Movies – Daniel Ademinokan

The present catch of Stella Damasus who now houses Stella in his house in Abuja, Daniel Ademinokan, the estranged husband of Doris Simeon has just disclosed that Ghana films are much better than what Nigerians produce.

He made this known in an interview recently where he said that ‘’I won’t lie to you. If you go to the US now, most of the films people watch are from Ghana.

The Ghanaians spend money on their films and the filmmakers know exactly what they are doing and their environment is more conducive for the job. Who are the directors in Ghana? They are Nigerians: Paschal Amanfo and Frank Jaja. These guys were here, but were not doing it well.

They went to Ghana and, because the environment there is more conducive, they are making it. Though they still have crappy films over there too, their films are generally better than what we have in Nigeria.’’
This revelation, according to some authority in Nigeria, has not gone down well on them as they see it as a slam on Nollywood, the giant of Africa.

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