VPRO-E NEWS: French pensioner spends New Year’s locked inside supermarket

intermarche Around 8am on January 1, a store manager found an exhausted 73-year-old woman stuck inside the Intermarché supermarket in the northern French town of Roubaix, when he went to check on the shop, which normally stays closed for the holiday.

The woman had gone to the lavatory while shopping, because she felt faint and dizzy.

But by the time she came out, the store was empty and locked for the night.

She immediately sounded an alarm, but got no response.

After walking through the aisles she tried to rest in one of the market’s back offices, but reportedly could not get any sleep, although she did not help herself to the good on sale.

The next morning she was transferred to a local hospital.

When contacted by The Daily Telegraph, the Intermarché staff said it would not comment further on the incident, because the store manager “wishes to put it behind him.”

It was also not clear why the elderly woman did not try to use one of the office phones to call for help, or whether she had a mobile phone.


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