VPRO-E Sci-Fi: Check out 6 Different ways to open Windows Task Manager

I believe a huge percent of windows users all know how to get to the Windows task man ager, once that program freezes up on you or that document you’ve been working on for days refuses to respond to any mouse clicks, our 3 fingers get busy and starts stretching to the Ctrl + Alt + Del, which in my opinion i think Micro soft should have its computer engineers bring the DEL button a lot closer to Ctrl+Alt!

I must say, I love looking for various ways of achiev­ing the same result, that’s why am sharing the 6 ways you can still get to Windows Task Manager, Ctrl+Alt+TaskMger (Del) inclusive.



The most popular way of getting to the task manager of course, up un til the release of Windows Vista, the older versions took you straight to the task manager box, but when Windows Vista was released, Ctrl+Alt+Del takes you to the Windows Security screen, where there are 5 op tions to choose from, Windows Task Manager being the last option.



Another fast way of getting to the TaskManager is by pressing the Win dows Key +R on your keyboard and then type “TaskMgr” and press Enter. Also, you have to understand that the Run command is a unique and effective tool to get to any program or file on your computer if you key in the right command. To get to the task manager, click on the Start Button – All Programs – Accessories – Run, then type Task Mgr and hit Enter.



Another fast and convenient way to access the Task Manager is the Ctrl+Shift+Esc command. the rea son I’d definitely recommend this method is due to the fact that you can actually bypass the Windows Security screen to get to the Task Manager, which takes you back to the Windows XP era.



Definitely one of the best meth od around , because it totally and completely relies on the use of your mouse and no keyboard but tons or typing involved. Simply put, it involves 2 clicks on your mouse, first Right-Click on your taskbar – next select “Start Task Manager” option from the pop-up menu, and Windows Task Manager pops up on your screen!

You can also create an AutoHotKey Script of course to bring up Windows Task Manager way faster just with a simple button click.



I shouldn’t be adding this to the list, because, its one of the longest methods so far, the only reason am adding it is, if all else fails and this works…might as well right?. When using this method, you open up Windows Explorer and browse to your C:\ under my computer (i.e. C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr. exe) or you can simply search for taskmgr in the system32 folder, you can also try pressing “T” till you find it, then double-click to open it. Like I said “ If all else fails”.



You could say we saved the best for last, and yes you’re right we did. This last method of creating a shortcut on your Windows desk top by simply right-clicking on any space on your desktop, selecting “New” and then selecting “Shortcut”. A “Create Shortcut” pop-up window appears, select browse and navigate to the desired path as before (C:\Windows\System32\ taskmgr.exe) and then select “Next”, on the next window, type in the desired name you’d like to give that Task Manager shortcut, then click on the “Finish” button and we’re done. So, whenever you en counter a frozen screen or “Not responding” pro gram error message, just go to your home screen and locate that shortcut and double-click on it, and walah! there you have it!!


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