VPRO-E SPORTS: “United or City will win the title, Arsenal will not make top four” – Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has admitted that he would love the stability that Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, enjoys at the club but he however stated that the lack of pressure to win trophies could cost the English club a place in the top four.

The Gunners have not won a trophy since the 2005 FA Cup triumph and although Real Madrid trail rivals Barcelona by 16 points, Mourinho insisted that it is pressure to win trophies that is his driving force.

“I would love to have (Wenger’s) stability at a club,” he told The Sun.

“But at the same time I think for my mentality I also need the pressure to succeed – and if no one imposes that pressure on me then I would impose that pressure on myself.

“The pressure to win things. Yes it’s possible to be one or two seasons building for the future and not being at the level to win things, but no longer, because my mentality is I always need the pressure of winning things.

“Maybe it could happen soon for Arsenal. They play good football and produce good players.

“They’re always buying players in every transfer window so surely sooner or later they should do something, should win something.”

The Portuguese, who is rumoured to be leaving Spain in the summer, however went ahead to predict the teams that will finish in the top four in England.

“So far this season Arsenal have been up and down – they’re good and not so good.

“They are not in the top four but they have always finished in the top four so you can say ‘Why not again this season?’ But it will be tough. They will be fighting with Tottenham, Chelsea and Everton so it will be very difficult.

“Tottenham has a fantastic squad, some brilliant players – some of the best in the Premier League. And now they have found consistency in their performances.

“(Chelsea’s) defeat to QPR has killed their chances of being champions but they have a game in hand and will fight for the top four again. So for me the top four will be United, City, Spurs and Chelsea.

“The champions will be between the two teams of Manchester. I’m certain of that.”


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