VPRO-E Ad: Celebrity Profile – EMPEROR SKILLZ

Meet the fast rising Nigerian rap artiste, Emperor Hotface. Emperor Hotface who hails from Lagos Island, was born in the early ’80s to the family of Rev. & Evang. Mrs. Akintayo. He is the last born of the family, having 4 sisters and an elder brother. He started his Music venture right the age of 11 years. At this age he joined the children choir and in no time was promoted to the teens choir as a lead vocalist because of his out stunning vocal capability.

Emperor Skillz built his skill by listening to artistes like R. Kelly, Madonna, Bobby Brown, MC Hammer, Usher, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Big Pun, Snoop, KRS1, Cool& the Gang, 50 Cent etc. By 2004, he wrote his first song “Break the spell” and ever since then multiple ones had followed suite.

Positive impressions from friends, family and demands from few fans generated at that time prompted him to record his first single “In My Club” in 2009. He stated that during an interview that the track was an interpretation of what he observed of some actions of certain persons at the club. Download the song to get the message. Other singles released so far by the artist are “In My Club-Remix” ft FlyBoi & Rhyme, “One Game”, “Igbeyin- The End”.

Download link for songs here



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