VPRO-E Sci-Fi: Ubuntu’s Mobile OS Offers Full Linux Desktop Integration, Coming to Phones Later in 2013

Canonical took the wraps off its Ubuntu mobile operating system today. Ubuntu for Android combines the Android mobile operating system and the Linux-based desktop OS, so when you dock the handset you get the full desktop OS. Ubuntu is expected to start shipping these devices in late 2013.

The mobile version of Ubuntu is built around Google’s Android OS and it promises to take advantage of multi-core handsets to bridge both the mobile experience of Android and the productivity of the Ubuntu desktop experience. So you can have one address book, inbox, set of bookmarks, call log, and more in one device. You’ll be able to dock (or undock) your phone to a keyboard, mouse, and large monitor to seamlessly switch from mobile to desktop mode.

According to the Ubuntu Phone FAQ the first Ubuntu phones are expected to ship in late 2013 in Western Europe first, with features such as unique gestures for app switching, universal search, and built-in voice commands.


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