VPRO-E NEWS: Igbo presidency, a remedy to Nigeria’s problem – Orji Kalu

Former Abia State Governor, Orji Kalu, has predicted that a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction would provide a turnaround leadership that will halt the country’s decades of economic failings.

Mr. Kalu said given the opportunity at the next presidential polls in 2015, the Igbos will provide “qualitative and dynamic leadership” that can turn around the economy.

“Igbos are the salt of the nation,” he said. “Anywhere you don’t see Ndigbo, the economy is incomplete.”

The former governor spoke at a dinner with the Nigerian community in Belgium at Speidemberger Hotel Resort, Brussels on Friday. He was at the meeting as the Coordinator of a new Igbo socio-cultural group, Njiko Igbo.

Mr. Kalu said he spoke for any “candidate” that might emerge from the region as president. He did not say whether he will seek the office which he has run for and lost twice since leaving office as governor in 2007.

But the clearly politically-themed remarks would appear a subtle introduction of Mr. Kalu’s renewed bid for the top job come 2015.

Source:Premium Times


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