VPRO-E BIZ NEWS: Business Communication and Marketing Trends for 2013

Business owners small and large know the key to success is customer and client communication. Getting your product or service to the right people at the right time can mean the difference between growing your business and closing your business. Lately these communications have been in transition with the increase in mobile device usage, social media, and internet marketing strategies. For the year 2013, these trends will only grow and evolve.

Mobile Marketing Communication Trends

Smartphones and tablets were a luxury when they first launched. Now these devices are a necessity for many businesses and consumers. For 2013, this trend is expected to grow and surpass the device sales of 2012. This has caused a need for an evolved mobile communication strategy for businesses. Here are few mobile marketing trends you can expect to see this year.

More marketing dollars will be allocated for mobile marketing.
Mobile commerce will grow again, allowing more shopper based mobile marketing campaigns.
HTML5 sites will surpass mobile apps for delivering consumer marketing content.
Augmented reality will rise, allowing marketing to be personalized.
Geotargeting will grow and become more precise.

As consumers become more comfortable with mobile commerce, 2013 will see more money spent on mobile marketing and reaching consumers everywhere, regardless of where they are.

Inbound Marketing Trends

With the growth in technology, certain marketing techniques have quickly become obsolete or less effective. Some of these include e-mail spamming, pop-up marketing and other forms of interruptible marketing techniques. Consumers are responding less to those marketing strategies that interrupt their daily tasks. For this reason, inbound marketing will see more active attention.

Business will begin creating strategies that cause the company to do their due diligence. Social media, proper e-mail marketing, forums, blogs, and socially active sites will see an increase in business presence as they attempt to gain leads naturally and entice consumers through normal conversation. For consumers this is a change that gives them the option to see products and services relative to their needs and wants, rather than being blasted with aggressive marketing and spam. For businesses this will offer leads that are easier to convert into sales.

Social Media for Businesses will Evolve

When the social media boom hit, businesses attempted to get their hands on the many followers and gain leads through these major portals. Social media will continue to grow, however, businesses will begin creating a stronger foundation and a variety of metrics that will assure their social media endeavors are successful. Some of these changes will include:

Creating an internal strategy to solidify their social media processes.
Setting goals and creating metrics to assure they reach these goals.
Acknowledging and resolving consumer concerns and complaints within their social media networks.
Increasing conversion rates through more specific targeting strategies within social media.

As social media evolves and businesses learn more about the possibilities and functions, there will be an increase in time, energy, money and strategies to create effective social media marketing. More information and features are becoming available for these large networks of future leads.

2013 will see many impressive changes in marketing and business communication, allowing companies to grow naturally and save on their marketing budget. If properly deployed, this year’s new strategies will result in an increase in consumer interest and purchasing by gaining consumer trust naturally.

Kylie Cowles writes full-time for education blogs nationwide. Several schools offer online programs in communication and marketing, including University of Southern California and Northwestern University.


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