VPRO-E Sci-Fi: 5 Free Accounting Software Suites for Your Small Business

If you’ve recently started a small business, chances are that you don’t have the cash flow available to hire a employee, much less a professional accountant. Bookkeeping is an essential part of any business and must be completed in a timely manner, no matter who is charged with the task. If you’re thinking of going it alone when it comes to keeping track of your company’s financial, there are several free accounting software suites to choose from. Here are five of the best:

1.NolaPro Free Accounting

Given a five-star, “spectacular” rating by CNET, this wWwWwsuite, released by Noguska is one of the best for owners of small businesses. As the software is downloading, it scans your system to verify that all of the required extensions are present and that your system is configured properly. This added benefit ensures that the software will run correctly on the system that you install it on. With the software, you’ll have access to billing, inventory, payroll and orders, among other categories.

2.1C:Accounting Suite

This free accounting suite supports a full business cycle, making it one of the best available. If you aren’t sure if the software is right for the needs of your company, you can run a free demo-version before your download. The software is perfect for those who deal with customers or clients overseas, supporting multiple currencies and units of measurement. Keep track of your bank transactions, payments and receipts with this easy-to-use, free software.

3.Wave Accounting

If you’ve been avoiding your company’s books because you weren’t sure where to start, your first step should be to install Wave Accounting on your system. This software is tailor-made for the small business, giving you access to unlimited, professional invoicing, income, payroll and necessary reports. Thousands of small business owners across the country have found Wave Accounting to be more than useful for the needs of their company.


FreshBooks has everything the small business owner needs to keep their books accurately and legally. With FreshBooks, small business owners can easily create and send invoices, share documents and reports, and access product and service records. Additionally, FreshBooks has one of the best mobile platforms of all the free accounting software suites available.


Outright may not be the best choice for larger businesses, but it is perfect for those who are self-employed or operate a small company. It’s ease of use makes it attractive for the small business owner, and the security of the software ensures that your important data will be protected. If you freelance or operate a small company out of your home, give Outright software a look.

You don’t have to hire an expensive accounting firm to handle your books if you’re just starting out. Downloading any of these accounting suites will allow you to keep your own books as accurately as any professional could.

Nigel Lake blogs about accounting and education. If you are interested in a career in accounting, you might consider applying for a master’s degree at NEC or UConn.

By: Edralyn


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