VPRO-E SPORTS: Qatar Q-League hope to sign David Beckham

A top Qatar source said: “When it comes to money offers, Qatar is the biggest by far. Senior figures in the Q League feel Beckham has the total package and they need to up the interest in the game there around the world.”

A lucrative, long-term PR role as an ambassador for the Qatar 2022 World Cup could also follow for the ex-England skipper.

Becks, 37, insists he wants to carry on playing after quitting MLS side LA Galaxy following five years in America.

He is currently house-hunting in England and was at West Ham last Saturday for the FA Cup third-round clash with former club Manchester United, sparking claims he was set to sign for Sam Allardyce’s side.

He has also been linked with struggling QPR.

The Qatar source added: “They have seen what Beckham did in the US league and feel that type of transformation could be priceless.

“David is one of the few — possibly the only — soccer player who has the tools to revive the image of the game here.”


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