VPRO-E NEWS:Disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong Set to feature on Oprah Next Week

Lance Armstrong is rumored to be ready to confess to drug use—and it could happen on Oprah.

The disgraced cyclist will give a “no-holds-barred” interview to Oprah Winfrey which will air on her network next week, CNN reports.

In his first formal interview since he was been banned from the sport and stripped of his titles for doping, Armstrong will “address the alleged doping scandal, years of accusations of cheating and charges of lying about the use of performance-enhancing drugs throughout his storied cycling career,” the network said in a statement.

In a 60 Minutes Sports interview to be aired tonight, the chief of the US Anti-Doping Agency in which he says an Armstrong representative offered to donate around $ 250,000 to the agency, reports the New York Times.

Travis Tygart, who accuses Armstrong of trying to intimidate former teammates, says the 2004 offer represented a clear conflict of interest. “We had no hesitation in rejecting that offer,” he says. Tygart says he received death threats during his organization’s investigation of Armstrong.

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