VPRO-E FORUM: Phenomenon of existence- Vol. 1

Hello readers,

VPRO-E_TV has now swing their broadcast contents to a very critical aspect of media write ups, which has a lot to do with human capacity building. This broadcast will be based on practical and realistic Philosophy, generated via inspired cognition from the point of scientific reasoning and as well as the celestial’s. This forum is a platform set to share with you our own side of what we discovered through cognitive approach. Meanwhile, all discussions are open to criticism so that our research can result to perfection. Today, we are kicking off with an introduction to the major matter of discuss “Phenomenon of Existence”.

Ever since as a little boy, I have been on a search to unravel mysteries of existence, its purposes, creation and the truth about its possible future. Pondering on these issues, troubled my mind until when I created a scenario where everything was zero. By these, I was able to arrive at something. Philosophers and researchers have been scouting for best possible answers to questions posed by unseen elements of energy around us. Questions on strange scenes on new discoveries around us and out in the space.

What comes to your mind when the word “Existence” is mentioned?. What does it mean to say something exists?. We tend to acknowledge something to exists because we have a connection to it via our senses. But existence is more to that. It will be selfish and bias of us to reason that micro organism or let’s say ghost/spirit don’t exit just because we do not see them with our physical eyes, except with the aid of scientific gadgets. Though that is one side of the argument. Our other side of the whole story, is to unlock mysteries that is going blow your mind.

Keep it a date with us in our next episode for continuation. Do not forget drop your comments and ask logical questions. Bye for now…

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