VPRO-E Sci-Fi: Twitter’s Next Big Thing is 6-Second Videos

Twitter rolled out an interesting new iOS app today that’s sort of like a cross between Instagram, YouTube, and, well, Twitter. Dubbed “Vine,” the new app allows you to create and watch 6-second looping videos, in a Twitter-esque feed. While the resultant videos will instantly remind you of GIFs, they’re actually MP4 files, meaning they can include sound—the app will instantly switch sound feeds to the next video as you scroll through your feed.

While you can cross-post your Vine videos to Twitter (and other social media for that matter), Vine is currently a separate app that isn’t fully integrated into the site—though Gizmodo predicts that it will be eventually. It’s also not available on Android or any other platform yet, but Twitter’s official blog announcement promises that they’re working on that.


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