VPRO-E NEWS: Death rumour saga ” I am not dead”- Vpro Monarch

21729_3987235170712_2142623453_n  All hell let loose on 1st of February, 2013, friday morning, on the  account of alleged death of the Emperor of VPRO EMPIRE. Fans, friends and loved ones were thrown to deep mourning, having heard of this vicious lies which spread like a rage of fire of the death of Emperor Alexander.

We gathered report from close source to the VPRO Castle stating that, “nothing of such thing ever happened and that the Emperor was hail and hearty”. Though he disclosed that the Emperor happened to go off for 3 hours that very day. This was known to be a process necessary for the monarch to undergo, in other for the fulfilment of certain acclaimed prophecy said concerning him. On completing this spiritual process, according to tradition, the Emperor was made to shed off the old self and thus remain forever young in the heart of men.

Therefore, “there shouldn’t be no panic, as all inconveniences were duly regretted”, the palace spokesperson said. The Emperor, speaking via his spokesperson, also charges the people to go about their normal duties, while on one hand appreciating them for the great love they showed towards him during these dark moment


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