VPRO-E BUZZ: I toasted five girls in one night and slept with two- Chike Osigwe

I felt like having some fun after a stressful day at work, so I decided to hang out at a club last week. All I wanted was just have one or two bottles of beer, chat, connect with poeple and dance ny heart out till the wee hours of the day.

On getting there, with the beautiful and sparkling dim lights, I found my way to the bar, sat down and ordered for a bottle of beer for a start. Meanwhile, my eyes were popping from side to side looking at the people in there, and also to sight people I may know as I sipped my beer slowly.

As time went by, the DJ started playing some nice music and people went to the dance floor in ones and twos. Everyone ecitedly exhibited their unique dance steps to the rhythm of every music and I was thrilled. I started moving my body where I was seated and knew it was time to go to the dance floor. “It is time to hit the dance floor and showcase some dance steps”, I mumbled.

As I hit the dance floor, I saw a pretty young babe dancing and shaking what her mama gave her. I walked up to her and started dancing with her. A few minutes later, I started toasting her; I didn’t need to speak too much grammar before she agree to become my girlfriend. After some munites I told her I will be back, gave a hug and I left.

Funnily I sighted another pretty girl who was dancing sensually alone so I went to meet her, started dancing with her and the same process followed. By the time I knew it I had toasted five girls and they all agreed to be my girlfriends. I never planned this from home but I guess sometimes you just want to do something naughty and see how it plays out.

At the end, I ended up sleeping with two of the girls inside the club. “Hey, don’t look at me like that, I used condom abi who no dey fear sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS”, he stressed. Was he drunk when he embarked on a toasting spree? “I was not drunk when I did all I did. I did not get drunk when I go to the club. I am not an alcoholic; if I had to take beer, I’ll take just two bottles”.

The truth is that I don’t have any regrets toasting five pretty girls and eventually sleeping with two. I was not competing with anybody, but I was just trying to be a man.

Culled from Nigerian Mirror


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