VPRO-E NEWS: Angel-Shaped Cloud Appears In Florida Sky After New Pope was Announced

Some say it’s nothing. Others believe it’s a message from heaven on a big day for the Roman Catholic Church.

Just hours after Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio made his first appearance as Pope Francis at the Vatican, Florida resident Jodi Guthrie snapped a photo of a stunning cloud shaped like an angel hovering in the sky over Royal Palm Beach.

The photo, which was first posted by WPTV, quickly went viral as others who spotted the cloud also sent in their own images. Another stunning angle was posted by WFLX weatherman Steve Weagle.

“The Pope asked to pray for him,” commented Facebooker Cat Sunn. “God answered.”

Not everyone was convinced the cloud was an angel.

“Cool pic,” wrote Kelly Handy on WPTV’s Facebook page, “but it looks a little too much like the Mothman for my liking.”

“I just thought it was beautiful,” Guthrie told HuffPost.

A cloud shaped like an angel was also reported after the deadly mass shooting at a Batman movie screening in Aurora, Colorado, last July.


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