VPRO-E NEWS: Lynxxx denies fight in a Nightclub


Fast-rising music star and Pepsi brand ambassador, Lynxxx has denied assaulting and stabbing a patron at Club N-Tyce in Victoria Island, Lagos, during 8 March birthday party of fellow musician, Praiz Adejo.

In a statement made available to P.M.NEWS, Lynxxx described the allegation as an attempt to blackmail and tarnish his brand image.

“This is not the only attempt these people have made as they have made all sorts of allegations to the police as well of which the police have disregarded due to lack of evidence or reasons and stories that don’t match,” Lynxxx said.

Reports broke early this week that the singer while partying with the rest of his crew on Friday 8 March, got involved in a scuffle with Richard a.k.a Pope who allegedly sexually harassed and slapped his (Lynxxx) female friend on his train to the club.

It was said that the manager of the night club pleaded with Lynxxx and his alleged 30-man crew to make peace but they insisted that Pope must be brought out of the club. This forced the club’ security to push him and others out of the club.

For one hour, it was reported that the club halted operation as Lynxxx and friends insisted on punishing Pope for the assault. Pope was then holed up in the club.

But Lynxxx said the tales were all made up as at no point did he arm himself or stab anybody on the said day. He added that he was at the birthday party with only three members of his Syndik8 Records Music Group.

Also speaking on the matter, a source at the club on the said day narrated what happened. “This Pope guy slapped and assaulted a female because she refused to talk to him at the event. She said she wasn’t interested and didn’t want to be bothered. However this female happened too be a friend of Lynxxx’s as well as being Lynxxx’s manager’s cousin,” the source said.

He said further, “The incident was witnessed by a lot of people and they were all livid at the situation and repeatedly

Posted for VPRO-E_TV.


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