VPRO-E BUZZ: My letter to Nigerians- Mr “My Oga At The Top” Shem


Hello I salute you all,my name is Mr. Shem Obafaiye, the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) that was wrongly suspended for an interview in which I stressed ‘My Oga At The Top’.
Everyone knows that it is not easy to go for an interview in Nigeria and pass. Apart from that,Channels TV didn’t give me a pre-questionaire which they should have done by ethical standards,they failed and where more interested in humiliating me.
Let me ask,how many of you know the numbers of your homes?
How many of you even know the plate number of your cars you have been driving for years now? VIO will take note.
In the heat of such an interview,I could not categorically state whether it was nscdc.com or nscdc.org. So I said ‘that’s all’,believing they will understand and move on.
If I put only 2 ‘ww’s,who doesn’t know that it is 3 ‘www’s to make an internet site search?
I would like all to forward this till it reaches my oga’s at the top so that I can be called back to office,life is hard.
Over the years,I have passed courses and done well in the field to be made Commandant in lagos,why is it that comment that makes them suspend me? Why?
In life,be careful who you praise,because those you praise can bring you down. It is only GOD.
Please broadcast this categorically.
I apologise to all Nigerians for my blunder. It will never happen again.
As you restore me back into office,GOD will restore you back to more progress,Amen.
I count on you Nigerians because I know now you all must love me. I forgive you all,but you must help me and my family out of this dilemma.
Thank you and God bless.

Mr. Shem Obafaiye, Lagos State Commandant (NSCDC

Posted for VPRO-E_TV.


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