VPRO-E BUZZ: Emperor UNSTOPPABLE,Now on the rise to world fame…

emprEmperor Alexander Akintayo a.k.a Hotface was born in the early ’80s on 16th January, to the family of Rev. E.O. and Pastor Mrs V.O. Akintayo. He officially hails from Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. Starting his early life in Akure, Ondo State as a little young black male within the street of Danjuma, added a torch of toughness to his lifestyle. In addition, the experience of psychological rejection faced as the last seed of the family, didn’t stop him from achieving his goal. In 1996, he joined the community of Lords and by 2004 he became an Emperor. He started his musical pursuit by enrolling in a church choir at the age of 11 and within a few weeks with the children choir, he was made a lead vocalist of Teens’ mass choir. These propelled his career to more brighter level. In the year 2000, having spent a lot of time within the musical circuit, he became a self-trained pro drummer and more achievements were added afterwards. .This wasn’t the only times, however he had reached for stars and realized his dream. Emperor Hotface is the C.E.O of VPRO-E ENTERTAINMENT.

New single he’s just released online ‘Dami Duro Remix’ and @Making Money’ is currently banging hot right now. CLICK ON THE DOWNLOAD LINK TO GET YOURS.



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