1. You see identical twins, you
still dey ask ‘na twins be dis’?
No bros, na picmix…lol
2. Nepa brings light and
everyone in the neighborhood
shouts ‘up Nepaaa’! My guy ask
me, O boy na light be that?
No oh, Na Holy Ghost fire! Lol!
3. You see person dey vomit, you
still dey ask am ‘you no well’?
Em well, e juz dey practice how
to vomit.
4. You just wake up from sleep
person come ask you “you don
No oh, I come buy bread wey I go
chop for dream.
5. You see woman wey born new
pikin u ask her “madam u don
born? ” No ohhhh, she buy am
for OLX…
6. You greet person “good
morning ma” ! She ask, my pikin
you don wake????
no ohhhh, I dey sleep walk…
7. My guy ask me “O boy where u
dey?” I tell am say i dey bank, nd
him ask me “Wat is happening
Nah new yam festival.. *LMAO*
8. My neighbour sees me
opening the gates to drive out
and asks me, U dey comot?
Not at all… I be the new
9. I dey watch film… my guy enta
come ask me “Guy na film u dey
No naa… I dey discuss with
10.U see me dey chop indomie
come dey ask me, O boy, na
indomie u dey chop so?
No ohhhh… Na fried rubber band
mixed with thread.
As it stands now by, abeg i need to
ask u one question, no vex abeg.
Shey na Facebook be dis??? Vpro-E_tv

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