A STRONG PERSON is one that even though the request or proposal does not work out as thought he/she does not make you an enemy but a good friend.
A strong person is one when the family is pulling apart for divorce, he or she fight and stand his/her grounds that it will never happen, they are resolved to make it work.
A Strong person is one who when all hell is let loose he/she stands their grounds for onward success in their love life.
A strong man does not give excuses for a failing relationship/marriage but takes responsibility and amend it.
A strong woman stands behind her husband even when he is on a big blackmail/ scandals on marital affairs and keep a deaf ear to all negative stuff.
A strong man still loves his wife even when she has derailed into following other men. God always do love Israel even when they forsook him to marry idols. He react but still loves and correct them.
A strong man and woman forgives easily. He/she does not store up records of wrong done by his/her spouse.
A strong person is humble and homely. He/she does not show up himself unnecessarily. Not rude or proud.
A strong person lives a life of sacrifice for his/her love. Nothing he cannot give, no distance he cannot go, in sickness or in health in good times and in bad times, under the sun or rain he/her is committed to the object of his/her love.
A strong person loves and fears God.

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