Vpro-E buzz: Word of advice to Aliko Dangote

They say “charity begins at home” Aliko Dangote should first develop the epileptic football league in Back in Nigeria is home country before bragging on buying Arsenal.
Stan Kronke the highest share holder in Arsenal owns and sponsors a basket ball club back home in the United States, Roman Abramovic owns a football club back home in Russia and the same goes to the owner of Liverpool.
Nobody needs your money in England and nobody is selling to you. You are the richest man in Africa so use your billions to develop Nigeria because so many people need that money.
Nigeria is a third world country and poverty is on the increase, there are no jobs, so many can’t go to school, so many can’t afford three square meals a day and yet as a billionaire , your priority is buying a football club. Of what benefit will that be to the average man on the streets of Nigeria?
Be wise and follow the foot steps of the average American billionaire who invests in America and America alone. And made America what it is today. Examples are Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zukerberg (Facebook), Warren Buffet and so much more.
History, class and tradition that’s Arsenal. – written by Esther Val

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