A man/woman with vision and proper focus is worth more than the billions you see today.
It is more honourable to marry someone that is poor but truthful and trustworthy, then grow from there than looking for already made that you don’t know that may hand you either heart breaks, divorce or difficult marriage. A fellow that will always see you as a gold digger or you came because of the money.
A lot of packaging and swags are coloured in today’s world. It is actually good but to follow a man/woman because of swag, class or seemingly success without knowing the real person nor where he/she is going is like putting your hands in the fire.
A man/woman with a vision and a clear direction with time bound achievable goals is a success in a rocket flight. It may not be rosy with him/her at the present but give him time he/she will overshadow the tall trees you see right now that have seemingly arrived.
If you’re a lady it is best you marry him poor but with a vision. Check his determination and zeal to succeed, verify and picture the future through what he present and not by his bank accounts or the type of car he drives or house he lives.
He may be in need of one dollar today but in him is a seed that will manufacture millions and billions in the nearest future, so if you despise him today those you could be pursuing may be his employees in the future.
Most successful and solid marriages I have seen and heard build from the scratch. They got nothing when they started but now the story is different. That’s why you hardly hear of divorce among such homes because what binds them is more than money or success , it is real true love.
I meet a pretty, beautiful and gorgeous lady in a saloon where I went to preach. Along the line I touch something on marriage during the course of my message. After the message there was an interaction section. She picked up the point in the marital stuff I mentioned and then told her captivating story.
Among the beautiful things she said, what will never leave my head is: she met her husband, a young guy with zeal but no cash but she believed him and also liked him. They got married and they were sleeping on the floor with mat as their mattress.
Things were ugly but it didn’t deter their love but today hardly there is something she wants that cannot be done for her with a stroke of a pen on the cheque. If you see her ride you will know that the Lord is good, you don’t need a message to testify.
Let passion drives you for success but look only for who destinies connect, who stirs up the baby in your womb and who has s vision instead of swags or pretense.
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