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There is a difference between translation and transliteration. “Hollowribureauque” is different from “Oloriburuku” “Pharoah” is different from “Fero” “Samsung” is different from “Samsong”. The sound is similar but the meaning isn’t. YAHUAH was transliterated not translated. It was transliterated from the original paleo (ancient) Hebrew 4 Letter word (Tetragrammaton) YHUH (YOD HAY UAU HAY) into Aramaic “Yahua” into Greek sound “ihoue” into Latin sound “ihva” then finally into English as “ihovah. The early English language didn’t have the letter “J” Check the first copy of KJV 1611. Letter J was invented into languages worldwide in 1530 BCE. Finally it was settled for “Jehovah” which has likely sound as YAHUAH but never in meaning the same thing (Ref RSV bible preface page iii,v comfirmed) This was done also to His son’s name. Solomon’s asking a crucial question in Prov 30:4. He came in His Father’s name (authority) to perform the work of salvation. YAHUSHA (OWUHY- AYIN SHIN UAU HAY YOD *Read from right to left) was transliterated using Greek sound “iehosou” in Latin “ihwsv”. Letter J was later added turning into Jehosou. The Greek scholars through Emperor Constantine who were worshippers of Zeus added “S” for the sound to produce the Name of there deity Zeus. “Iehosous” into English as Je’sus. Yahusha sounds like iehosou in Greek but meant different things ie. Yahushua in English. The name Yahusha and Yahushua (YAHUAH saves) mean the same thing. This was the same name as Joshua. Their transliteration woes was exposed in Act 7:45 Heb 4:8. The original Hebrew translation had it as “Yahusha” its Aramaic is Yahushua. We inherited falsehood from the church fathers who deviated from the original faith which turned into Catholicism orchestrated by Constantine to form a universal belief which will go across various pagan practices all over the world. What you are hearing today isn’t not another new movement springing up. We have been from ancient time. The prophet Daniel prophesied the subverting of the Truth for a certain period Dan 8:10-12. The devil has done his worst through different false acts, it’s time for the Truth to take His place. Nigeria – land filled with milk and honey is under siege as well other nations of the world because we love lies than Truth that will set us free. Even if we keep voting for any political party and new faces keep emerging without being mentally free from the lies they programmed into our subconscious mind, the suffer will get worse. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual strongholds. You cannot be calling on gods whose aim are simply to sock blood and eat the flesh of men and expect to have peace. The Elohim that saved Abraham, Yitzaq and the children of Israel will save again IF AND ONLY IF we call on Him. Christians should stop their hypocrisy, Moslems should stop deceiving themselves. They are all same as the Traditional worshippers.



The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has ended his tenure as the leader of one of the greatest known church in Nigeria and all over the world. He is succeeded by Pastor Obayemi.

Pastor Adeboye announced this on Saturday at the Annual Ministers Thanksgiving at Shimawa, Ogun State, where he also named his successor to be Pastor J.O Obayemi, ahead his 75th birthday on 2nd March.

The new G.O was formerly Special Assistant to the General Overseer on Finance.


Adeboye was born on March 2, 1942, in Ifewara Osun State. Pastor Adeboye had his B.Sc in Mathematics at University of Nigeria Nsukka, and afterward got his PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Lagos and worked as a lecturer on Mathematics at University of Lagos and Ilorin, before going into full time pastoral service in 1984.